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Overcomers-Story on Getting Older

Getting Older (and Over!) The ”Not Enough” Syndrome
Marlene Oulton

Shortly before my 49th birthday I decided to boldly go where many had dared to go before me and become an entrepreneur. On April 15, 2006, my company, Write Choice Virtual Assistants, was born. I had tons of administrative experience to draw upon and based my services on these skill sets. Yet in the back of my mind I kept thinking, “You know, I really love to write and proofread. Wouldn’t it be cool if I could manage to get some work along those lines?”

By this time the Universe, God, and I had formed a formidable triangle of mutual respect and love, so I shouldn’t have been surprised when requests to proofread/edit and write articles, ebooks, website content etc. started to flow into my inbox. I had finally become “enough.”

I have now redefined ”enough” in my world today as follows:

If I treat people with love, kindness and respect, that is “enough.”

If I have a roof over my head, clothes on my back, and food on my table, that is ”enough.”

If I can help another human being on this journey called life, that is ”enough.”

If I do my work conscientiously, with care and love, that is ”enough.”

If I am at peace with and within myself, that is ”enough.”

May you be more ”enough” than you ever imagined possible!

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4 Responses to “Overcomers-Story on Getting Older”

  • Hi Colleen,

    Thank you for posting this exerpt from Marlene Oulton. She reminds us about the things that are really important in life and helps us wade through all of the poop.

    By the way, it’s such an honour co-authoring this book with you. You shared a very touching story with us all in your chapter “Awakening to Her True Self”. Anyone who has lost a loved one will resonate with your journey.


  • hello Colleen, I love the selection you chose from Marlene’s chapter. It really is a testimony to personal triumph. Your own story is a stunning example.

    It is the big theme that runs through the whole of the Overcomers book. I am connecting to many of the coauthors through their stories – all so inspiring, uplifting and full of simple, yet powerful wisdom.

    I look forward to exchanging more with you.

  • Nancy Lyn Cotter:

    Thanks for posting this Colleen. Marlene is such a great editor and positive force that I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her and look forward to having her help on future books as well. Marlene is also an excellent writer as demonstrated in this short posting. She speaks about an issue that many of us face as entrepreneurs, and in our daily lives – the idea and inner fear that we are not enough, not good enough, worthy enough, or deserving of credit. In concise terms she illuminates what it means to being grateful and accepting of what we have in our lives and what we define as “enough” for us to be happy.

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