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Overcoming Adversity from Overcomers Inc.

The Waiting Room Miracle
Lynne Klippel

I’d always wanted to be a wife and a mother. I was smart, worked very hard, and tried to live my life according to my spiritual beliefs, yet my marriage had been a nightmare instead of the fairy tale life I had imagined as a young girl. How did I allow divorce to happen to me?

Sitting silently in that hospital waiting room, I was confronted by some ugly truths. My life looked great on the outside, but internally I was full of anger, bitterness, and guilt. My busy lifestyle had kept me from paying attention to those dark feelings, and I covered them up with a big smile and lots of activity.

Bob was not my enemy. I wasn’t the perfectly innocent victim. We both shared responsibility for the demise of our marriage.

I started to argue with God in my head. It seemed like He’d brought the two of us together, stuck for hours in the waiting room, so that forgiveness and healing could occur. Didn’t He know that I was worried sick about my little boy? Why this? And better yet, why now?

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