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Discipline is a dedication to your truth. Discipline makes something from something. -Nancy Slonim Aronie Writing from the Heart

More and more I feel the need for discipline. My heart longs to learn how to draw and to learn the craft of storytelling. In order to do this I have to show up. That requires first a commitment and then discipline. Today my prayer for myself is that I might find the strength to bring more discipline into my life.


By virtue of being human, all of us have the capacity to choose, to change, to grow.=Eknath Easwaran Meditation

Today I have been reviewing my power of choice. If we choose consciously what we want for our lives, we are empowered. If we choose unconsciously we lose energy. Today I commit to staying conscious while making choices.

Alone Time

Only in solitude do we raise our hearts
to the Heart of the Universe.
~Miguel de Yunamunojugo

For the first time in months, I have the house to myself. I’ve decided to leave the TV off and create a mini-retreat for myself. I’m reading and listening, walking, crying some…and then reading and listening some more. I am open to receive…and to heal what needs to be healed. I raise my heart to the Heart of the Universe and ask to be emptied so that I can be filled.


Solitude is loneliness transformed into a space within which god, self, and others can show up.-M. Basil Pennington Centered Living

Tomorrow my husband is going out of town for two weeks. Even though we just lost our dog a couple of days ago, I am looking forward to the solitude and silence. Since I am more introverted by nature, alone time is healing.


The great mystery of death and the grief and sorrow that attend it require rituals of storytelling and remembering Herbert Anderson & Edward Foley Might stories, Dangerous Rituals

We had to put our beautiful golden retriever down two nights ago. She was a service dog, working with young adults struggling with addiction and depression. We loved her so much. She came to us with a mission and she fulfilled it with such grace. We grieve as we let her go and we honor her by telling the stories of how she touched so many lives with her love.

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