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Your creativity needs your awareness of death for its energy, just as your muscles need long and painful workouts. Cherish your awareness of death as a gift to our from the universe. -Brian Swimme The Universe Is a Green Dragon

Today my golden retriever Chloe appears to be near death. It hurts, but I welcome death to my door, hoping for a swift labor. My heart breaks as I struggle to let her go. I respect death. I will let it have its way.


Prayer…the very highest energy of which the mind is capable. -Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Let us not forget the power of prayer.


The qualities that make a true artist (are) nearly the same qualities that make a true athlete. -John Gardner

If we want to live a creative life, the first thing we have to master is showing up. We can master anything when we show up. Practice makes perfect.


We can do anything we want if we stick to it long enough -Helen Keller

I have aborted my dreams in the past by quitting right before they had a chance to manifest. As a result, someone else received the rewards of my efforts. I’ve learned from experience to persevere no matter what!


When I pray, coincidences start to happen. When I don’t pray, they don’t happen. -William Temple

It is an amazing experience when you feel the hand of God reaching into your ordinary world. We need to remember that there is an invisible source ready to help us. But first we must ask, and then open our hearts and minds to receive.

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