Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart.
Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside awakens.
– Carl Jung
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Spirituality, Creativity & the Search for Wholeness

Heroism for this age requires us to take our journeys, to find the treasure of our true selves,
and to share that treasure with the community as a whole through doing and being fully who we are.
To the degree that we do so, our kingdoms will be transformed. –
Carol Person, The Hero Within

Quest4Wholeness is Dedicated to Helping Mid-Life Men & Women Discover
Their True Selves and to Find the Deeper Meaning and Purpose of Their Lives

Major life transitions, (such as divorce, the kids leaving home, the loss of a loved one, job loss, being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, betrayal or business failure) can send us reeling emotionally. They can fill us with anxiety and leave us feeling empty, lost, sad, angry, lonely, scared, and depressed. As the outer roles fall away, it is not uncommon to hear ourselves saying, “I don’t know who I am anymore?”  It’s like we’ve lost touch with something essential within ourselves.

We may even feel like we are going crazy as we shed the skins of our old life.  Our friends get tired of hearing us as we hash and rehash our stories in our attempt to make sense of them. “Just get over it and move on,” they say.  But as hard as you try, you just can’t seem “to get over it.”

That’s because your life is being transformed. Your old life is gone, but who you will become and how your life will unfold next is still unclear.  In our goal oriented society it’s hard to find validation for this type of disintegration which only compounds the problem and leaves many individuals maneuvering major life transitions without the support, understanding, and validation that will allow them to let go so completely that who they are is transformed.

Instead the process is aborted and a person gets stuck in resentment or grief in way that doesn’t allow them to move forward in a healthy and expanded way.  Or perhaps we find another relationship, or stuff, or addictive substances to curb what we feel and try to move on with our lives from there.  But in the end it doesn’t work.  What is needed to a total surrender to the process.

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The good news is, is that major life transitions can become a doorway for bringing immense spiritual growth and insight into our lives. People, who have been through the deep inner journeys and lived to tell the tale, share that they have made their biggest spiritual leaps when their lives appeared to be falling apart.

But it is important to find guides who understand and know the terrain of this life/death/rebirth process. Colleen Russell, MATP, owner of Quest4Wholeness, is such a guide. Having been through many of her own deep initiations and transitions she understands all of the nuances that come with the territory. In fact it has become her life work for the last 20 years. To learn more about Colleen Russell click here or to read her full story, purchase Overcomers Inc., True Stories of Hope, Courage, and Inspiration by clicking here.

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Do you:

  • Feel like you don’t know who you are anymore
  • That you’ve lost touch with an essential part of yourself
  • Realize that the life you are living no longer fits
  • Feel empty even though you seem to have the perfect life
  • Find yourself longing for a deeper spiritual connection
  • Wonder about the deeper meaning of life
  • Desire to live life from your heart
  • Want to live a more balanced lifestyle
  • Long to have honest, loving relationships
  • To express yourself creatively

Quest4Wholeness will help you to discover who you truly are
by providing a safe and loving space for you to:

  • Process your grief
  • Discover your uniqueness and deepest truth
  • Find what has heart and meaning for you
  • Confront the unhealed parts of the self
  • Await your new birth into a more loving and expanded life

Quest4Wholeness Offers Several Ways
to Get the Support You Need

Find the One that is Right for You!

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